Stupid Facts From Around the World

Alligator Eating a Piranha in the Amazon: Bolivia

Meet Plastico, the flesh-eating alligator of the Amazon!  Some people swear he’s a crocodile, others think he’s a caiman, but one thing’s for sure…he’s hungry! Learn how to plan a round the world trip, and about round-the-world travel with kids.

R-T-W Travel With Children

So, you’re thinking that someday you’ll settle down, get married, and have children. Or maybe you’ve been there, done that. Does this mean that you’ll sit on the couch, comatose, in front of the TV late at night, longing for the days when you were free and adventurous? Do you see that goal of traveling […]

Round-the-World Reading List

Katrina’s Round-the-World Trip Reading Log Click here to view/download this list in PDF

How to Plan a R-T-W Trip

So.  You think you would like to do a year around the world but don’t know where to start.  You’ve come to the right place.I don’t think any one book or any one person can tell you how to plan and execute a trip of this magnitude.  Further, there is no way you can plan […]

How to Plan a R-T-W Trip (Part 2)

(Continued from Part 1) How Do I Buy Plane Tickets? There are dozens of companies that specialize in around-the-world plane tickets.  Googling the string “around the world plane tickets” will help you find them.  Plan on at least $5K per person for airfare, and maybe even double that.There is a product called an “around-the-world ticket” […]

Did You Ever Get Tired of Traveling?

No! If we hadn’t run out of money and if it weren’t for the kids’ educations suffering at the hands of their parents, we could have stayed on the road indefinitely!           << Did anyone get sick?      Back to All FAQs

Did Anyone Get Sick?

Katrina tells us in her journal about hiking the Inca Trail in Peru. We had been joined in this part of our journey by September’s dad, who goes by the grandfatherly name “P,” short for “Aged Parent.” Jordan suffered a severe case of altitude sickness when we were two days into our trek on the […]

Did You Ever Have to See a Doctor?

This is our family in Zermatt, Switzerland. You can see the Matterhorn in the background. Looks just like Disneyland, doesn’t it? We were hiking in the mountains and asked a passing hiker to snap this photo of us – we planned on using it for our Christmas cards. We were headed for a mountain playground […]

How Did You Get From Place to Place?

We started our journey by spending a few days in Iceland, and then our goal was to cycle from London to Istanbul. We have two tandem bicycles; you can see that all of our things are in bicycle panniers, covered by yellow rain covers. We never had quite enough room for our stuff – notice […]