Stupid Facts From Around the World

Did You Ever Get Tired of Traveling?

No! If we hadn’t run out of money and if it weren’t for the kids’ educations suffering at the hands of their parents, we could have stayed on the road indefinitely!           << Did anyone get sick?      Back to All FAQs

Did Anyone Get Sick?

Katrina tells us in her journal about hiking the Inca Trail in Peru. We had been joined in this part of our journey by September’s dad, who goes by the grandfatherly name “P,” short for “Aged Parent.” Jordan suffered a severe case of altitude sickness when we were two days into our trek on the […]

Did You Ever Have to See a Doctor?

This is our family in Zermatt, Switzerland. You can see the Matterhorn in the background. Looks just like Disneyland, doesn’t it? We were hiking in the mountains and asked a passing hiker to snap this photo of us – we planned on using it for our Christmas cards. We were headed for a mountain playground […]

How Did You Get From Place to Place?

We started our journey by spending a few days in Iceland, and then our goal was to cycle from London to Istanbul. We have two tandem bicycles; you can see that all of our things are in bicycle panniers, covered by yellow rain covers. We never had quite enough room for our stuff – notice […]

Did You Eat in a Lot of Nice Restaurants?

Fine dining is one of the Higham family’s hobbies. Not really…actually, our budget was so tight that we were rarely able to eat at restaurants. We simply couldn’t afford it. Most of our meals, especially in Europe, were from the grocery store. I think we ate ham or turkey sandwiches, picnic style, nearly every day […]

Did You Plan Everything in Advance?

When you are traveling in out-of-the-way places, it is often impossible to plan anything in advance. This is Dona Lupe’s in in Jirira, Bolivia. Dona Lupe is a woman in a tiny village in Bolivia who rents rooms to travelers. Her village has no phones or electricity, and so it is impossible to call in […]

Did You Stay in a Lot of Nice Hotels?

We think this is a pretty nice place to sleep, don’t you? We were in the middle of a “Desert Safari” in Dubai, a state in the United Arab Emirates. A “Desert Safari” really means that someone in a four-wheel drive takes you out into the middle of the desert and leaves you there for […]

Weren’t You Worried About Your Kids Education?

Yeah, sort of. Our kids attend public school – this is the first day of class the year before we left on our trip. We knew that we couldn’t expect too much of ourselves on the road and decided that the only subject which we would formally teach our children was math. We hoped everything […]

How Did You Pack for an Entire Year?

We started our trip with the intention of cycling from London, England to Istanbul, Turkey. We have two tandem bicycles that we share – September and Katrina ride on one, and John and Jordan ride on the other. In this picture we are taking the tandems apart to fit into four cases that we will […]